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Greening libraries is so interesting because there is a significant spectrum of options for libraries to choose from, from the simple and inexpensive – if not free – (CFLs, recycling, power settings on computers, programs for the public), to the elaborate and expensive (or at least seemingly expensive when just looking at first-costs) (geothermal, greywater systems, solar electric systems).

Thinking of “going green” holistically is a bit overwhelming because it can impact every area of library operations: construction; facility maintenance – cleaning, air quality, landscaping, etc.; purchasing – paper, cups, cleaning supplies; technology; collection development; programming; messaging; funding….but we have to start somewhere.

Don’t dismiss the idea of “going green” because you think it only applies to libraries lucky enough to be building new or expanding their facility.

This week I’ll be taking a look at libraries who have implemented green policies and sharing them.

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