Dyson Airblade

I KNOW it costs $1,200 but I had to share that I got the chance to finally use the Dyson Airblade! (Weird what I find exciting lately…) We were dining at the Deschutes Brewery in Portland, OR when I came upon it, I almost washed my hands first just to get at it. It is as fast as they say, even if you look weird using it…

  • works in 12 seconds; air travels @400mph
  • uses up to 80% less energy than warm air hand dryers
  • HEPA filter
  • has GreenSpec® accreditation
  • contributes to two LEED categories (Energy & Atmosphere and Materials & Resources)

One thought on “Dyson Airblade

  1. I had to show some girl how to use the airbl;ade in that same bathroom! She was just staring at it, waving her hands across the top…..

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