I’m supporting FREE FOR ALL

I’m supporting the Kickstarter campaign for Free For All: Inside the Public Library, “the first major documentary project about our nation’s most beloved and most threatened public institution. It captures dramatic personal stories from library users across America, highlighting the diverse communities that depend on public libraries and the surprising ways libraries are reinventing themselves to serve more people than ever.”

It is more critical than ever that the importance of the public library to local communities gets conveyed in a BIG WAY. The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project study, The New Library Patron, had a key finding that I’m pretty obsessed about: “Libraries have a PR problem.”

If we’re going to have a sustainable future, that means community, governmental and corporate financial support of libraries. Telling our story is the work to be done to inspire investment.

A documentary, telling the story, conveying the value in the words of those who have lived it, whose lives have been changed by libraries, will be a massive addition to our arsenal of advocacy tools.

Help this film become a reality by investing in their Kickstarter campaign!

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