Calling all librarians: How to get involved with the Sustainability Roundtable of the American Library Association

Four ways you can get more involved with SustainRT:

1) Run for the board! We’ve got an opening for coordinator-elect. Applications are due February 6th. For more information contact Madeleine Charney [mcharney [at]]

2) Volunteer on the Marketing & Outreach Working Group. Interested? Contact Rebekkah Smith Aldrich [rsmith [at]]

3) Volunteer for our Online Education working group. Interested? Contact Madeleine Charney [mcharney [at]]

4) Participate at ALA MidWinter! Our board meeting is on Saturday at 1pm @Hilton Chicago | Conference Room 5C or just come hangout with us on Sunday, we’ll meet up at 3pm @Hyatt Regency McCormick | Clark/CC 22C – I hear rumors of ice skating on Sunday!

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