5 Ways to Make Computing Greener in your library

  1. Make it a library policy that all computers and monitors – public and staff – are shut down at the end of the work day. Use a Smart Strip Surge Protector to completely cut off power to peripherals when a computer is turned off.
  2. Make use of the power management settings (standby and hibernate) through your operating system; go a step further and check out EZ Wizard Power Management Tool recommended by the U.S. EPA 
  3. Only purchase ENERGY STAR rated computers and monitors.
  4. Redesign your public access computer network using a thin client model (example: Userful)
  5. Dispose and recycle responsibly. Research options by calling your town/city’s recycling center.

Bonus Round: Keep your eye on cloud computing opportunities – there are an increasing number of options – cost effective options – that could reduce the number of servers needed in your building and your reliance on purchasing software. Examples: Gmail for Organizations (keep your address, drop your physical email server) & Google Docs

2010 Library Journal Movers & Shakers

Humbling as it may be I’m owning up to having been named one of Library Journal’s 2010 Movers & Shakers. The best part of it has been the promotion of the idea that got me so excited about libraries going green to begin with; since I labored over this quote when interviewed for LJ I’ll just use it again: “Libraries that go green are demonstrating, in one of the most visible ways possible, a commitment to being good stewards of public dollars.”