Dyson Airblade

I KNOW it costs $1,200 but I had to share that I got the chance to finally use the Dyson Airblade! (Weird what I find exciting lately…) We were dining at the Deschutes Brewery in Portland, OR when I came upon it, I almost washed my hands first just to get at it. It is as fast as they say, even if you look weird using it…

  • works in 12 seconds; air travels @400mph
  • uses up to 80% less energy than warm air hand dryers
  • HEPA filter
  • has GreenSpec® accreditation
  • contributes to two LEED categories (Energy & Atmosphere and Materials & Resources)

PLA @Portland

I just returned from the Public Library Association Conference in Portland, OR. I was really impressed with the city and convention center from a green perspective.

From the MAX light rail system (which clearly marks the stop for the library!) to the bike friendly features of the city to solar powered trash compactors – around every corner was a new piece of evidence of thoughtfulness towards the environment.

The Oregon Convention Center (LEED-EB Silver) was another refreshing experience – clearly marked recycling points throughout the building, dual flush toilets, a large rain garden to mitigate storm water run-off from the site… and they had great signage alerting attendees to the sustainable features of the convention center – something I am highly critical of is when LEED buildings do not take the opportunity to educate users of the facility to the green features of their buildings. OCC does a great job in this area.

They city is eclectic, fun and funky and I appreciated the opportunity to visit.